Our Safeguarding Responsibilities

Safeguarding is the shared responsibility of everyone to ensure the safety and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults. It is also about ensuring the professional and safe behaviour of everyone who has a duty of care within our Catholic communities whether ordained or lay and whether in a paid or volunteer position.

Safeguarding is not only a way to respond to harm but must be proactive in the prevention of any form of abuse or harm.

As it is an absolute priority for all involved in New Dawn in Scotland we have procedures in place that we ask participants to adhere to especially in regards to the Youth and Children Ministries. These are briefed at all events.

Further information on safeguarding can be found on the Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service (SCSS)website.

   Click the image to access SCSS website

Safeguarding Prayer:

Lord Jesus we praise you for calling us to the service of others.

We pray for a generosity of spirit to ensure the vulnerable are protected.

We pray for a compassionate heart so that we will reach out to those who are wounded by abuse.

We pray for courage and determination as we seek the safety of everyone in our parish communities and at all ‘New Dawn in Scotland’ events.

We dedicate ourselves to this work of service and pray that you will help us to do your will at all times and in all places.


Diocesan safeguarding contacts

This provides a link to the SCSS leaflet and contains ‘safeguarding’ contact numbers for all 8 dioceses.