New Event:

Please join us online for our 11th annual conference from

Friday 28th August to Sunday 30th August.
Save the Dates: Details to follow shortly on this website and New Dawn – Scotland Facebook page.



New Dawn Ministries assists with healing services in Parishes throughout Scotland.

Our mission is to bring Jesus’s healing power to those in need. If your Parish wishes us to organise a Parish Healing Service please contact our New Dawn in Scotland Office.




Suggested Programme:

7.30 Praise and Worship

7.30 Reconciliation

7.45 Adoration

8.00 Talk given by a priest on Christ’s healing

8.15 A witness to Christ’s healing

8.25   Blessing with the Blessed Sacrament

8.40   Introduction to prayer ministry

8.45   Priests pray over people who wish to come forward

Followed by prayer ministry